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IFAA is now part of the Apex Group 

APEX Group, a global provider of financial services, has acquired IFAA.

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Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

IFAA has always been about people – the people we work for and the people we work with.
With 20 years of superannuation industry experience and a focus on continual training and use of secure technology, IFAA deliver administration, management, advisory and financial services for small to medium sized super funds.

We offer small to medium superannuation funds success.
We provide industry leading administration services by creating tailored solutions to our clients that deliver growth through a more engaging and personalised experience for fund members. Our dedicated attitude, experience in managing superannuation funds, and integrated systems and technologies results in a superior service delivery.

A history of innovation

IFAA provide alternative and tailored solutions to our clients. We continually invest into our people, products and processes to progress the efficiency of the administration experience, and offer expanded services for our clients.

We have developed market leading proprietary software that allows us to achieve greater capacity and advanced functionality to stay ahead of the game.

IFAA also provides complimentary services - compliance and risk management, training and internal audit services, financial planning and investment management.

Why Us?

We’ve created tailored software solutions that deliver the ‘IFAA difference’.


IFAA offers clients professional, proven end-to-end administration and management services to help you achieve superannuation business goals and fulfil the needs of your own clients. We operate independently of any other providers, so we can focus solely on the needs of our clients without being influenced by other service providers and their requirements.

Industry leading administration services

Our combination of people, processes, and technology is what sets us apart from other administrators. We offer end to end administration services and our teams are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each client. IFAA has been a pioneer in the implementation of straight through processing – delivering both efficiencies and simplification, and enhancing member experience.


Customer Service Centre aligned with client’s strategic objectives

We provide superior Contact Centre facilities staffed by qualified, highly trained staff skilled in servicing superannuation employers and members. We hold an AFS License and each operator is RG146 qualified enabling them to provide general product advice in relation to superannuation. The Contact Centre offers both in and out-bound capabilities that extends to a number of key member servicing and retention activities ensuring the fund’s members remain connected and engaged.

Trustee services above and beyond the administration function

IFAA takes great pride in the services we provide to our Trustee Boards, Committees, and Trustee Management teams. Our services are underpinned by our company‘s values of people, teamwork, integrity, client focus, quality, and flexibility. It is because of these values we believe the standard of our services to Trustees is one of the highest in the industry. Along with fully electronic board and committee paper production, we also provide specialised insurance staff with extensive experience in insurance benefit design, managing a tender process, analysis and policy negotiations.


Client services management and clearing house solutions

Our informed Client Services team can offer the services to not only defend the current membership and employer base, but more importantly, grow it. Our services team use THORIN - our integrated proprietary software to allow members greater access to a more personalised and engaged experience with our client funds. We also offer on-boarding to a dedicated Clearing House facility that reduces the multi-fund contribution burden on employers.

Exceptional marketing services across all channels

IFAA provides a full suite of marketing services and professionals with a deep understanding of the needs of superannuation customers – both members and employers. Whether it is specialised marketing data analysts who are able to uncover growth and retention opportunities for your fund, or the need for marketing strategy, digital communications expertise, creative content and concept design, or studio and video resources; we have the expertise you need.

Financial and accounting management

The IFAA Finance team specialises in ATO and superannuation fund transactions and reporting requirements. Our reporting to APRA is fully automated, taking the stress and hassle out of these tasks. All our financial reports conform to the requirements of Trustees and the legislative and regulatory bodies.

Proven IT operations

IFAA has proven that it is able to deliver the benefits of new technology. Hardware is regularly upgraded and new systems have ranged from server operating systems, telephony systems, remote access capabilities, websites, online functionality for members and employers, mail house solutions, CRM, and more recently the implementation of greater capacity and scalability through our data transition to a private dedicated cloud infrastructure. The IT Operations team has worked hard towards zero downtime, and have strong Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures.

Innovation in IT development

The key to our success in developing IT systems that provide specific highly tailored solutions is in the depth of understanding our clients’ needs. IFAA is agile in responding to client requirements because our clients are involved in the evaluation and implementation of product developments. IFAA can provide a wide range of bespoke solutions for member and employer online services, including integrated architecture for all of its other administration systems using its proprietary software innovations.

Employers & Members


Every small to medium-sized industry super fund’s members have unique needs.

The IFAA Group has a number of other businesses that complement their services:

SCS are experienced experts at managing, implementing and monitoring compliance, risk management, legislative research, audit and training services. Our services have been developed to assist clients primarily in the superannuation industry and for anyone operating within the complex requirements of the financial services sector.


IPS is the current provider of executive management, administration and company secretarial services to one of the top performing infrastructure funds in Australia. IPS provides all of the services required to separate the back office administration, board company secretariat functions, strategic planning and executive services from the manager appointed to grow the portfolio of assets.

In a world of member choice, changing rules and digital disruption - we offer solutions, not sameness.



IFAA has its own intelligent IT products that enable us to deliver our trademark "IFAA difference".

Thorin is IFAA's proprietary system technology to deliver tailored modifications, and is the overarching technology that powers many of our member and employer facing systems, such as member online and employer online as well Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and back-end processing applications.

Thorin includes the Porthos, Aramis, and Athos product suites.

Porthos is our tailored solution for the end-user, client-side facing products including Member Online and Employer Online and bespoke website development.

Aramis is a tailored solution for administration and back-office processing with the Thorin framework, including CRM data integration modules.

Athos is a tailored solution for business intelligence applications which report on data across applications, provide customer relationship management and provide integration with external systems. This includes reporting services, automated board reports, reporting connectivity and the end-user facing CRM modules. 


Need superannuation products tailored to your fund, and yours alone? IFAA delivers.






The IFAA Group consists of companies that focus on superannuation administration services, financial planning services, industry compliance, technology solutions, and financial and accounting management.

In our central CBD location we have a thriving culture that recognises the value of collaborative relationships. Our professional environment, competitive remuneration packages and belief in a healthy work-life balance make us an employer of choice in our industry.

Interested in joining us?

View our current vacancies below or touch base by email, or phone.

Our recruitment Policy

We look for qualified staff with the required expertise, competencies and integrity to meet IFAA’s requirements. Our recruitment and selection activities are governed by policies covering equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, are merit-based and free from unfair and unlawful discrimination. Selection activities are also undertaken with due regard for candidate confidentiality at all times.

Successful candidates will be subject to integrity checking (including criminal history checks) in accordance with the Australian Standard for Employment Screening and the relevant Financial Services regulations.

Candidates via recruitment agencies will not be considered.

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East Tower
Level 1, 410 Ann Street,
Brisbane, Queensland, 4000

Phone: (07) 3238 1200